Maryland Pastel Society

Greeting cards for soldiers


Kathy Holzer asked me to pass this message along to you. The board has agreed that this is a worthy cause.


My son, Sergeant Peter Holzer is currently stationed in Iraq. As a
volunteer, he organized a Morale Center, for his fellow soldiers. It
opened on July 3rd and provides a library offering books, magazines,
CDs and DVDs- as well as sport equipment, snacks and basic hygiene
items. It also offers games the soldiers can check out. And it provides
a peaceful place, where they can relax.

My plan is to provide holiday greeting cards for the soldiers which they
could send to their families.

This leads me to my request for help! If you have some printed cards,
that you might wish to donate to the cause, you could either send them
to me to forward, or send them directly to Peter. (His address is at the
end of this letter.)

I suggest a deadline for the end of November, so they will arrive in
time, and would be possible to mail back to their families!

It would be a treasured gift, if you could send some original, mini
works/studies on card stock or heavy paper. (These could be in pencil,
watercolor or ink). That card would be truly treasured by the soldiers
families! If you wish to do this, I could provide the appropriate 8 x
6 envelopes,

Please notify me _before_ the end of November - to tell me how many
cards you have created, so I can send them the right number of envelopes.

_Web address for The Morale Center:_

Peters mailing address_:

APO, AE 09342

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Katherine Holzer
8332 Snowden Oaks Place
Laurel Md. 20708

Tel :(301) 776-8474