Maryland Pastel Society

MPS Web Site "Discuss" Page

MPS members,

Now that we have our wonderful new website, I want to be sure that all of you are taking full advantage of the information found there. When you call up the web site you will see on the right hand side a list of MPS-sponsored activities and meetings that is very useful, particularly if you cant remember the date of the next meeting. However, there is much more!

One of the great new features is the discuss page. This page requires you to log in with your email address and a password you set yourself; however, it contains LOTS of useful information and opportunities.

The Discuss page is actually serving two purposes. It allows members to ask questions and receive answers. But it also enables those of us who receive frequent notices of shows, classes, and other items of interest to share them with our members.  When there is an MPS-specific event, such as a workshop or exhibition that we are sponsoring, or significant news about one of our members, your board members will send an email to everyone and it will be listed on the home page.  However, the many other announcements that I and others receive will be posted to the Discuss page.

Some examples are the announcements of the 2nd annual Gunpowder Falls Plein Air Competition, and the IAPS Exhibition at the Butler Institute in Youngstown, Ohio.  Lisa Mitchell has done a great job of creating categories for the Discuss page which separate the news into the following categories: Questions and Answers, Artist Materials, Artist Opportunities, Helpful Tips, Member Exhibitions, Classes, and Special Notices.  There are postings in all of these categories.  You can read, respond if desired, or post your own information.  The site is extremely easy to use!

I also urge all full members who have not done so to send several JPEG images of your work to Joyce Lister ( for inclusion on the Website.  The gallery is slowly building but many of you are still not there. If you have JPEG images, they can be easily attached to an email, or sent on a CD.  This is a great way of advertising your work. I have had several solicitations for shows or potential gallery representation due to my presence on the site. So get your work up there"NOW!!!

Happy reading to you all!