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Maggie Price's November 2012 Landscape Workshop

Maggie Price039s November 2012 Landscape Workshop

Hurricane Sandy had us all on edge and wondering, among other things, whether our workshop with Maggie Price would be affected. As it turned out, we were lucky and had a wonderful 3-day workshop experience with Maggie, as scheduled. She did a demo every morning and provided a tremendous amount of information not only about underpainting, composition, value, and color considerations as she developed her paintings, but about supplies and equipment, framing, entering shows, judge and jurors' considerations, IAPS, etc. Maggie's husband, Bill Canright, an accomplished artist in his own right, was with her, helping as needed, or quietly doing his own paintings in a corner of the room.

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The first day Maggie did a 'bold color' underpainting on white Richeson board and carefully applied Turpenoid to the entire painting, beginning with the light shapes and progressing to the darks. The second day she worked on terra cotta Richeson board, underpainting and applying Turpenoid only to the dark and dark middle value shapes. The third day she painted on black Richeson board. She began by first painting the light and middle value shapes. Turpenoid was not used in this one.

After each demo, the participants had a chance to paint and follow Maggie's procedure, using their own photos as reference. Maggie was very forthcoming during discussions and very positive with everyone. She helped people evaluate their photos and discuss their options, working closely with folks at their easels. At the end of the workshop Maggie held a review, artist by artist, of all the work done during the workshop. It was an impressive array of paintings.