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Linda Light's Impression of Kim Lordier Demo

Linda Light039s Impression of Kim Lordier Demo

Demonstration of Moonrise by Kim Lordier

It was quite a treat to go to the demonstration given by Kim Lordier in New Mexico during the IAPS pastel convention. She had some very helpful information about the methods that she uses to execute her painting; however, it was even more interesting to watch her work through the challenges that are involved in this process of painting. As she worked through these challenges, she was very clear about her thoughts as she solved the problems that came about during the process of painting. It was really helpful to see someone who paints so beautifully having struggles, too. There is very little about the process of painting that is easy, as a lot of serious problem-solving is involved from planning to completion. It was very brave of her to attempt such a difficult process with everyone watching, giving very little time to contemplate ways to solve the problems that may arise. I feel a lot of respect for anyone willing to do that.

She told us about her particular method of painting by starting on Wallis Belgian Mist with a NuPastel, laying out the composition. She comes up with the best composition using "notans," which are plans for paintings that are very small representations of the abstract design of the painting, using shapes in various values. They are done very quickly in a couple of minutes to capture the overall impression and eliminate the nonessential.

After the selection and layout of the composition using the NuPastel, she then uses Terry Ludwig dark pastels to lay in her darks with a light hand. At this point, she uses Turpenoid and a 12 filbert brush to wash over the different areas of her painting to create the underpainting of her design, using no more than four values.

She then develops the large value masses, completing the painting. She is happy to let some of the paper show through the final stage. She keeps her value masses as large as possible to add strength to the painting. I could see how this did accomplish her goal of creating a stronger piece, and I hope to remember to do this in my paintings, as well.

Finally, it was interesting to see how she used her marks to make her painting unique to her. This is a large part of what makes an artist have their own style separate from all others, so it is important that your marks are unique to you and your emotional response to the subject. This is also an aspect of painting that I plan to give more attention.

Going to these demos can be very helpful to an artist in setting up some personal goals of their own. I felt that having attended this presentation, I can go further toward developing my own personal style. Her presentation was very motivating.

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