Maryland Pastel Society artist opportunities


IAPS Convention Poster Competition, deadline 2/1/2011

To IAPS member societies:

The deadline for entry for the IAPS 2011 Convention Poster
Competition is February 1, 2011. Only one piece of art will be
selected, and it will appear on the poster to be sold at the 2011
Convention and on the IAPS web site. It's a great opportunity for an
artist to get wide exposure for his or her work. It's also an easy
competition to enter, as no paintings will need to be shipped and the
work does not have to be available or for sale.

At the same time as the 2011 convention, IAPS will host its 18th
Juried Exhibition; the entry deadline for that event is March 30,
2011, IAPS is working on expanded local publicity for this event and
we expect a good turnout of art collectors. The First Master Circle
Exhibition (open only to IAPS Master Circle members) will hang at the
same time in the same facility, increasing the interest for potential

Members of member societies can download a prospectus for either
event on the IAPS web site,, under the
Exhibitions tab on the site.

Finally, those who have not yet registered for the 2011 Convention
are encouraged to do so; full information and online registration is
available on the web site,

Best regards,


Maggie Price, President
International Association of Pastel Societies