Maryland Pastel Society events



Now that the holiday season is over and we're tucked away indoors for the long winter season ahead we'll be starting up the monthly pastel challenge once again. Some of you participated in the challenges last year and did a terrific job so get ready for round two! I hope more of you will join in. The challenge solution images will be placed on our web gallery. All MPS members are encouraged to participate. When you've completed a monthly challenge please send it to: Lisa Mitchell

Here's the first challenge of the year:

You must be familiar with this wonderful painting of Vincent Van Gogh's shoes!

Shoes are something we ALL have in our possession. For some of us they're an obsession! Find a pair of shoes from your closet with character and create a pastel painting of them. Take it beyond a mere rendering but let your shoe painting tell the viewer a story about the life of your shoes. This is the real challenge of being an artist isn't it? To take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Your job is to hold the attention of the viewer..make them ponder over your painting. Are your shoes old and tattered from working year after year in your garden? Are your shoes spattered with layer upon layer of paint? Are they bright red, sexy stillettos? Maybe the shoes you decide to paint belong to someone you admire.

Think about the shape, color, texture and values that you choose to work with and how you can use these elements to tell your story. Look at the painting above and consider the techniques that Van Gogh used to describe his old pair of shoes.

These are to be paintings from direct observation. No photo reference please!!

Enjoy the challenge...