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Maryland Pastel Society events


Recent Workshops (2021-2022)

2023 Workshops

Alain Piccard

November 3, 4, 5, 2022

The Painterly Landscape

Each day Alain demonstrated a painterly approach to the landscape from start to finish, focusing on a unique subject and approach. Students responded with morning exercises to loosen up their work and learn techniques to simplify the subject. Students progressed to loosely finished landscape paintings by end of day. A constructive and encouraging group critique wrapped up the workshop.

Visit Alain's webpage:


Liz Haywood Sullivan April 2022

Liz started her Inside/Outside workshop with her Good Bones structural system to painting. Direct observation of the Maryland springtime landscape focused on using the camera less. Visit her website at


Tara Will Workshop October 2021

Tara shared bold, colorful and expressive marks with students as she captured the essence of her subject in an indoor/outdoor three day workshop. Visit her website at


Laura Pollak "Abstracting the Landscape" Workshop June 2021

After Laura gave her demonstration, "DRIVEN TO ABSTRACTION," at a specially arranged one-day workshop just for MPS. Visit her website at


Christine Swan Portrait Workshop April 2021

Christine held an outstanding 3- Day workshop for the Maryland Pastel Society via Zoom in April. Visit her website and blog at