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July/August Challenge

Creating a Mood

July was a vacation month and we're down one challenge. We shall double our efforts this August.

The Challenge:

Look through art books or magazines at a variety of different types of paintings. Select several to study closely and determine what mood and emotion the artist is portraying to the viewer? Once you understand the intention of the artist, look for the elements of color, value and design the artist used to tell his or her emotional story. What strokes or marks were used to describe the type of emotion of each piece? Is there a dramatic change in value, (light to dark)? Are the colors and values in a high key or closely related?

Create two pieces for this challenge, one painting to show a somber or dark emotional mood and the other painting a hopeful, light-hearted feeling.  

Place the two paintings side by side, stand back about 10 feet to assess the outcome of your work. Do they both have a distinct feeling? Are the feelings of each piece opposite from one another? When you are satisfied with your efforts please send them to to be posted on the MPS Drawing Challenge Blog Site.

Have fun and really put yourself into these paintings!
Lisa Mitchell