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Fall General Meeting, October 2009

Fall General Meeting October 2009

John Held demonstrates how to paint a sky using pastels

John Held enlivened our last meeting of 2009 with an excellent and informative demonstration of the method he uses to paint his lovely sky "portraits." John, who thinks it is at least possible that his experience while living in rainy Seattle influenced his fascination with skies, started by laying in broad and bold strokes of pastel on a neutral toned paper. Working spontaneously from his imagination, with no pre-conceived compositional plan, his initial choices of pastels included a wide range of values and both warm and cool colors. Once he was satisfied with this start, he wrapped tape around his finger and used it to blend this first layer of pastel across the surface. He let the resulting movement of hue, temperature, and value suggest cloud forms, the direction of the light source, and a focal point, and his subsequent work was aimed at realizing this early potential. A minimal suggestion of a landscape was added to ground the painting, and his attention turned to managing edges and making sure to lift some of the ground colors into the sky to unify the piece. The result was a lovely painting and a thoroughly entertained and enlightened audience. Thanks, John!

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Truer World #13

John's demonstration followed the quarterly business meeting which, in addition to the standard items, included drawings for several donated gifts. Congratulations especially to Jack Pardue, Joyce Lister, and Joanne Aarons, who each won a set of 60 Terry Ludwig pastels that Terry graciously donated to the MPS!  We also elected new officers for 2010 and 2011 and said a grateful farewell to President Jean Hirons, who passed the gavel. Looking forward to serving your needs for the next two years are President Deborah Maklowski, Vice President Linda Light, Treasurer Joyce Lister, and Recording Secretary Barbara Steinacker. Deborah and Linda spoke briefly about plans for the future and invited input from the members.

We're also extremely lucky to have Lisa Mitchell and Maria Marino continue on as our Special Events/Website Coordinator and Marketing Director, respectively, bringing us new ideas, new energy, and new ways to keep us informed and to enhance our public image. And if that weren't enough to celebrate in the coming New Year, we're also very pleased to announce three more additions to our family of MPS volunteers:

In addition to managing the Member News and Featured Artist sections of our newsletter, JoEllen Murphy has agreed to take on yet another responsibility, joining the MPS Executive Board as our new Corresponding Secretary, with a primary focus on managing publicity for our shows, workshops, and other events. Our deepest gratitude goes out to Lisa Sheppard, who so ably filled this role over the past two years.

We're happy to announce that Barbara Amos has graciously volunteered to assume the job of Membership Co-Chair, taking the lead for managing and tracking our growing membership and welcoming new artist members, as Linda Light transitions to Vice President.

Mary Boeh has very kindly agreed to take on the role of Hospitality Chair for 2010, allowing the 2009 Committee -- Bernice Cimbalista, Laverne Hammond, and Mary Ellen Gordon – to retire and relax, also with our heartfelt gratitude.

Who Else? Mary is going to need help with Hospitality and we're looking for one or two more volunteers who are willing to pitch in. It's only 4 meetings: you can do that with one hand tied behind your back! (OK, not really - that would be difficult.) If you'd like to help Mary, please contact any of your board members with an email, a phone call, or at the January 23 meeting.

Our sincerest thanks to all who have volunteered to make the MPS a thriving success: we really couldn't do this without US!