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Special Event, Paint Along in Monkton

Special Event Paint Along in Monkton

Courtyard Garden at Laura's


Although the weather has not been entirely cooperative so far this year, the MPS continues to provide ample opportunities for you to hone your observation and painting skills while communing with Nature. On May 16th MPS member Laura Wilke graciously opened her home in Monkton to a small group of pastelists to meet and paint together. Former MPS President Lisa Mitchell led the group of 15 artists, starting off the morning with a quick demo and some excellent plein air advice and instruction for the gathered painters. After that the artists scattered across the lovely Baltimore County countryside to paint, reconvening in the afternoon for wine, cheese, and a group critique. The misty, cool morning proved an interesting painting challenge, calling for exaggerated atmospheric effects and a reduced value range, but at least you didn't have to worry about the light changing!

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Linda, Deborah and Barbara in the moment!

And there's more plein air! If you missed Monkton, you can still join the fun. There is an MPS plein air group based in Howard County that paints out nearly every week from early May through the end of October. Here's the full schedule, and directions for the paint outs. Everyone's welcome to just show up and paint, no matter where you live!