Maryland Pastel Society newsletter


New Procedure for Signature Membership Jurying

Beginning in the fall of 2012, the MPS is changing the way it juries applicants for Signature membership. On June 23, 2012, the Executive Board, which has in the past served as the Signature membership review and selection body, established a third standing committee, the Jury Committee. The Jury Committee is composed of six Signature Members of the Maryland Pastel Society, five of whom are voting members selected by the MPS Executive Board. The sixth member is the MPS Membership Chair, who also serves as the Jury Committee Chair and liaison to the MPS Executive Board. The Membership Chair is not a voting member of the Jury Committee.The five voting members of the Jury Committee serve for a term of two years. Each term may be renewed by the MPS Executive Board. Aspirants to Signature membership still submit their applications and images to the Membership Chair in accordance with the instructions on the Signature Membership page, but now they will have a deadline: 45 days before the next scheduled Executive Board meeting. (All deadlines are now posted on our website's calendar.) The Membership Chair provides all application materials and images received by the deadline to the five voting members, who have 30 days to review the applicants’ materials and reach a decision about whether to recommend Signature membership for each applicant. Those recommendations, along with a summary of jurors' feedback, are then provided to the Membership Chair, who in turn presents them to the MPS Executive Board at the next scheduled board meeting. In accordance with Article III, Section 1.a. of the MPS By-laws, the Executive Board either accepts or declines applicants for Signature Membership based on the Jury Committee's recommendations. The Membership Chair notifies applicants of the jurying results and provides feedback, if requested, to declined applicants.

We are very pleased to announce the body of distinguished pastelists who have agreed to serve as the first voting members of the new Jurying Committee for 2012-2014:

David Lawton

Lisa Mitchell

Jack Pardue

Chris Powell

Daniel Wise

Our sincerest thanks to each of them!