Maryland Pastel Society newsletter


New Baltimore Site is Looking For Artists is a new Baltimore Green Guide and Insider Site published to the web in January 2009. Among other things, the Baltidome aims to promote artists who are working (or have completed projects) with used goods and remnant materials. No application fee is required. This service is free to artists living in Baltimore City. The artist's work does not have to be about "the environment" and no membership is required. This is an effort not only to promote local artists. but also to encourage viewers to look at how things are made in a new way, Baltimore reserves the right to reject an applicant that does not fit the criteria or does not fit the standards of the site. To see examples of artists on the site, go to and click on the toad. If interested, please email a brief description of your work and images and/or link (Etsy, etc.) to Tina at