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Summer - Thoughts about the IAPS Conference

Summer - Thoughts about the IAPS Conference

Boats at Dock by Jean Hirons

Dear Members,

I've just returned from my 4th IAPS (International Association of Pastel Societies) Conference in Albuquerque.  This time there were nine MPS members in attendance—a record number!  You'll be hearing from them in a separate article, but I thought I'd use this letter to record some of my own impressions.

As always, my focus was on landscape and I took workshops with Lorenzo Chavez, Kim Lordier, Maggie Price, and Richard McKinley. Some of the recurring themes were: the importance of values studies (as always!), making sure not to put bright colors, vertical objects, or other strong elements on the edges of your picture, and using broken pieces of color to achieve luminosity.  Always interesting to see are the completely different ways these and other artists approach pastel painting.  There is certainly no right or wrong way!

I was very pleased to speak with a signature PSA member from British Columbia.  She spent time searching all of the society web sites and decided that, based on the work of our members, our national show is the one she wants to compete in!  She was very impressed with the overall quality of our work and I wanted to pass this on to all of you.

IAPS is hosting a web-only show this coming fall with entries due by July 26th.  This is a great opportunity—no shipping of pictures, you don't even have to own it. You can send the same image that you enter into the SOP show. Check our the web show prospectus on the IAPS web site:

You can also see the current IAPS show that is being held at Ventana Gallery in Santa Fe at Ventana's site:

The IAPS Conference is a wonderful experience for pastel artists of all ranges of experience.  It will be held again in May 2011 in Albuquerque and I hope that even more MPS members will be able to attend.

Happy summer!