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Spring Upswing!

It's hard listening to the news these days or reading what's left of the newspaper.  Nothing but depressing news it seems.  In these times, I feel fortunate to be an artist and I find that my own "recessions" and "upswings" have very little to do with money or sales of my work.  For me, it's all about creativity.  Drawing and painting well, being filled with new ideas, challenging myself to do something beyond my comfort level and succeeding--these are the things that feed me as an artist, and I'm sure this is true for many of you.  
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My recent experience at the Margaret Dyer workshop was one such "upswing." It fueled my recent explorations into still life and made me want to paint the figure as well. I was so excited after my four days with Margaret that I actually started a blog!  

And now it's spring and time to think about painting outside and the joy of capturing the moment.  Of course, painting isn't always a joy--it can be downright frustrating, particularly painting all those green trees!  If you feel landscape-challenged, MPS is here to help!  Our upcoming meeting will feature four experienced plein-air landscapists who will share techniques, helpful hints, and discuss their own personal challenges with various aspects of the landscape.

Be sure also to check out our monthly drawing challenge and don't forget the upcoming signature member show in Hagerstown and the fall Shades of Pastel Show.  There's lots to work towards and there's no better time than spring to create your own personal upswing into creative painting!

Jean Hirons