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Focusing on the Landscape!

April 25, 2009, 12:00-4:00
Glenwood Community Center, Glenwood, MD

Our next Member's Meeting will focus on the landscape.  With the arrival of spring, many of us will be packing up our easels and pastels and heading for the hills!  So we decided to spend our next meeting focusing on the technical challenges of painting the landscape.

We've divided the program into four parts: earth (fields, rocks, grasses), sky (atmosphere, clouds), verticals (trees and mountains), and water (still and flowing).  There will be four simultaneous presentations of one half hour each that the audience will rotate to, given by:  Deb Maklowski (water), Jean Hirons (sky), Mary Anne Warner (earth), and Lisa Sheppard (verticals).  Each presentation will include discussions of the particular aspect of the landscape with examples of how different artists have handled it, what the presenter considers to be major challenges, and demonstrations of how the presenter overcomes these challenges.  For example, since I am tackling skies, I'll discuss the challenge of painting clouds that don't look like rocks and demonstrate my own techniques.

We want the presentations to be interactive, so be sure to come with questions--but don't expect us to cover every aspect in 30 minutes!

As always, there will be time for individual critiques of your work and for general schmoozing around the food table. So don't forget the food donations!  

Note: some of you may remember that we were going to focus on framing at this meeting.  Several of the key people we were counting on could not be here, so the board decided to postpone the framing presentation to a later time.  

I hope to see many of you on the 25th.


Artwork by our presenters:
mps 431

Evening Walk in Connemara by Jean Hirons

mps 431

Grove of Trees by Mary Anne Warner

mps 431

Morning on the New by Lisa Sheppard

Focusing on the Landscape

Jersey Gulls by Deborah Maklowski