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Maryland Pastel Society

2021 Members’ Show Award Winners

First Place, Mary Anne Warner

First Place, Mary Anne Warner

These are the paintings selected for awards for our 2012 "Members Only" juried exhibition, on view through March 28 at Delaplaine Arts Center. Thirteen award winners were selected by our accomplished juror, Maria Marino. Congratulations to these award winners and to all the participating artists!

1ST Place: Mary Anne Warner- Morning Commute, Pastel, 20 x 26. Beautiful painting that captures the relationship between land, water and sky! It undoubtedly has the distinguishing mark of excellence: design, composition and beautiful interpretation of brilliant light. A spectacular landscape painting!

2ND Place: Kim Stone- Heritage Rail Trail. This gem of a painting drew me in. I became more inquisitive with the beautiful balance of shapes that supports the drama in the distance. Outstanding draftsmanship and the scale of the painting kept me looking for more. Such a peaceful piece that centers upon the dialogue between the bike rider and the landscape.

3RD Place: Susan Pearcy- Yellow Plums on French Tablecloth. The artist properly used a modern compositional format coupled with a brilliant late Impressionist palette. The plums are sculptural and define all modern forms of space, light and shadow. Appealing rhythm coupled with textural quality. Highly ornate, a joy to lose yourself in.

PSA Award: Greg Johannesen- Late Afternoon Ellicott City. Unique properties of marked contrast of brilliant light on a lovely clear day are what makes this painting such a joy to lose yourself in! Your eye focuses on the excellent shapes that instantly fill the work, created with color and line. Excellent use of lost and found edges which truly make this painting extraordinary!

Connecticut Pastel Society Award: Ann Singer- Long Walk Home. Nice large shapes and a bold viewpoint are what naturally makes this painting so successful! Harmonious color passages employed in the grassy hill so understated to positively reinforce your movement through this landscape. This artist has cleverly placed the prominent figure below the horizon line that captivates the viewer of the unexpected views he will soon discover.

Merit #1: Joyce Lister- Wonder & Joy. This painting is all about love, warmth and the connection between generation to generation. The artist skillful use of scale achieves a balance of the subjective and the objective. Lovely use of overlapping color and the painting expresses a dynamic personal style.

Merit #2: Gayle Kassal- Autumn Delight. Excellent arrangement of the key elements in this work of art. It seamlessly combines styles from several modern art movements to create drama and genuine emotion. The artist has established a compelling focal point that instantly communicates the intent. One can naturally feel the gentle breeze and sense the light that envelopes the painting.

Merit #3: Susan Gleason- Face Forward. Dramatic placement of key figure! A spirited painting in which one can immerse themselves in the intricacies of the completed work. Beautifully chromatic, the mark-making is fluid and undoubtedly adds a genuine warmth to the subject matter. Bold and impressive painting!

Merit #4: Thomas Mammen- Second Street Lewes. This painting is reminiscent of rich, expressive colors found in medieval textiles. The image is created with a force and freedom that depicts multiple viewpoints. The detail in the painting has achieved a beautiful interpretation of light and harmonious color.

Merit #5: Susan Klinger- Rush Hour Radiance. A marvelous economy of mark-making and the dazzling evening light undoubtedly has a wonderful luminous quality. The artist carefully handled all the diagonal lines beautifully instantly creating a dramatic spatial effect. Lost and found edges are remarkably handled.